We specialize in short-term and long-term rental management. We manage our clients’ apartments with the highest standards of honesty, scrupulousness and transparency. We provide you with full service apartment rental management, starting as early as consultations with apartment acquisition, fittings and interior decorating.

Our marketing allows us to reach wide range of clients in Poland and abroad. With a professional website and cooperation with leading internet services we help commercialize rental apartments with highest booking and profits.

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Our strategy

We know from experience that what works best these days is the so called “hybrid” model, which consists of short-term and long-term rentals. We aim to manage the short-term rentals effectively as well as offering the apartments to business clients for long-term rentals. Having several apartments in one development in our portfolio, we will manage the hybrid rental in optimal way, taking your preferences as our priority.

We offer/plan

  • a professional photoshoot of the apartment and customized copy underlining its unique benefits
  • developing a dedicated tag with reservation tools
  • constant management of real estate portals including calendar management, dynamic pricing, 24/7 service
  • comprehensive client service and technical maintenance of the apartments; in addition our dedicated employee will be constantly ready to step in and solve any arising visitors’ problems
  •  renting (according to one’s needs) several parking spaces in the vicinity, to be offered to guests. The cost is usually split among all the apartments we manage. This way, rental offer is more attractive to visitors and costs are optimized.
  • breakfast – we will sign an agreement with a near-by restaurant to provide paid breakfast, which increases rental prospects especially for business clients
  • we provide f.e. baby cot and other baby accessories, bikes, folding bed or a mattress and other extras which will increase the attractiveness of the rental offer.
  • we provide a standard cosmetics and hygienic supplies as well as any other elements providing comfort and hotel-standard experience
  • we provide informational materials and appliances manuals, as well as tourist information including current cultural events

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