CMS + CRM systems for Real Estate Developers

CMS and CRM System designed for Real Estate Developers

  • managing developments: adding new, modifying, updating, hiding; comprehensive management of all current and completed developments
  • managing apartment/commercial space/house status: reserved, available, sold, rented, hidden
  • pricing policy – adding, updating, promos
  • preparation and mailing offers directly from CMS based on the website search engine
  • ability to mark independently graphic choice of buildings, floors and apartments
  • managing websites, content, galleries, movies and all information on the website
  • granting access level and powers for each user using the CMS
  • working with statistics module
  • managing translations into other languages
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zarządzanie inwestycjami

Managing real estate developments

Our platform allows you to manage all your developments comprehensively. Starting with adding new developments or phases, through modifying and updating, ending with hiding already completed. When the entire development (or phase) is sold, you can easily move it to completed with one click. Comfort, ease and time-saving were our main objectives when creating the DeveloPRO system.

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Managing the status of apartments

Comprehensive managment of apartment/commercial space/house status. There are following options available: reserved, available, sold, rented, hidden. Independent updating allows you to keep your website always current.

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statusy mieszkań
zarządzanie cenami

Pricing policy

Comprehensive management of prices of apartments/spaces/houses. There are following options available: reserved, available, sold, rented, hidden. Independent updating allows you to keep your website always current.

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Preparing and emailing offers directly from the system

With this module you will save time and will have the entire history of all offers in one place, always available online. This module is mostly used by salespeople during talks with clients, during which the preferences are registered and particular aparments are emailed to them through the CMS. Ease and simplicity of this solution will be appreciated in everyday work.

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Independent marking

We allow you to independently edit, with the CMS, various modules among which is the possibility of marking buildings, floors and apartments. It’s an extremely useful function when the visualization for floors choice changes or due to architectural reasons, the floor plan needs to be altered. From now on in such situations you don’t have to be stressed, as you will be able to easily „contour” particular elements, without any programming works necessary.

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Granting powers and levels of access

Numerous developments? Many salespeople? You are wondering how to divide obligations and access to a particular development? With DeveloPRO it couldn’t be easier! With the Users module you can add, edit and delete access to particular investments for particular users. Whis module is also very useful when you’re granting access to anyone from outside your team such as: copywriters, marketing consultants or SEO auditor, when you can establish certain levels of powers such as copy editing in particular sections.

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statystyki mieszkań

Working with the statistics module

Every activity you spend your marketing budget on should be measured, which is why we included the statistics module in DeveloPRO, which shows the most important information about actions made by the user on the website. With the statistics you will learn which apartments are most popular, which generate the greatest number of inquiries, when people white and which are the most popular search criteria on the website, which allows you to answer your clients’ needs.

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Managing all websites and content

With the editor, which interface has similar functionalities and looks as the most popular programs such as word, you will be able to edit particular websites and manage content, galleries, films and all the information available on your website.

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Managing translations

If your target group consists of foreigners, it is best to provide them with content in their native language. How? Every word on the website can be translated into any language, which allows you to widen your potential market exponentialy.

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