CRM GDPR DEVELOPER integrated with DeveloPRO

  • Secure client management GDPR congruent
  • Assigning consents to multiple developments
  • user-friendly interface
  • synchronising with contact forms
  • managing content of the consents
  • history of all actions within the system
  • archive of all the clients’ consents
  • emailing offers
  • full synchronisation with the DeveloPRO
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Absolutely safe personal data

With the security of your company and the personal data processed within it we’ve decided to create system fully congruent with with GDPR, allowing access to selected employees to data necessary for their work, at the same time protecting other from any possibility of leak.

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One CRM for many websites

Our innovative CRM system allows synchronising users from meny developments in one, cohesive interface. In one place you can check in which websites your users agreed to data processing, which investments they were interested in, what are their preferences and even when was the last time they got in touch with you and through which website. In this system you can easily delete all information about a particular user, once they decide they want to be forgotten.

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Granting access

Numerous developments? Many salespeople? You are wondering how to divide obligations and access to a particular development? With DeveloPRO it couldn’t be easier! With the Users module you can add, edit and delete access to particular investments for particular users. You can easily cinstrict access to personal data or to data from particular development.

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Manage your business contacts

Our real estate CRM is not only about apartments. You can use it to create a clear client database including consents granted. The system will automatically remind you about consents that are about to expire, and will let you know with which client you haven’t been in touch for a long time. It also includes GDRP congruent calendar allowing better management of your work client service

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Fully integrated with DeveloPRO and GDPR

The DeveloPRO system with GDPR CRM create a perfect duo for real estate sales and marketing. They allow client service automation to the fullest and consents management. The software allows acquiring contacts in order to run a legal advertising campaign and improve sales.

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Secure archiving

With our CRM you can be confident that all the data is secure and no one can make an unauthorized copy. Once a consent is out of date, clients’ data is archived. You can easily delete or modify user’s data as per request.

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Responsive website

Our CRM system is fully responsive and you can use it on any device with a browser. With the HTTPS protocle your data are ciphered and communication with database is secure. You can pass a tablet to your client so that they can give consents personally. You don’t have to install any software on a computer you want to access it from.

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Comprehensive technical support

We guarantee comprehensive technical support including training for how to use it. Our product is completely user-friendly, easy to use and totally secure. We guarantee support on every phase of launch and later use.

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