Managing Google Ads, Facebook and Social Media campaigns, running a sales office. DeveloPRO system.

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We provide a comprehensive sales and marketing service, including: creating and managing a sales department, marketing of the investment, www including CMS and CRM, graphic communication, lead generating campaigns.

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Sales support

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Strategy and Market Research:

  • market potential research and target group defining
  • competition and trend analysis
  • defining the benefits of the investment and location
  • selecting tools and channels
  • researching the potential of most searched phrases in a given location and connected topics
  • content marketing strategy
  • SEO and SEM strategy preparation
  • Social Media strategy
  • project schedule preparation
  • design idea and brand communication
  • brand communication based on consumer segmentation
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  • logo/key visual
  • brand colors selection
  • design of business card, stationery, folder
  • email footer
  • sales catalogue
  • mobile version of www
  • www including subpages
  • banners pack for ad campaigns
  • large format stickers for sales office
  • apartment card in PDF
  • outdoor banner
  • mailing
  • 3D visualization of apartment (including interior design)
  • 3D views (axonometric)
  • trade booth
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Preparation for SEO and SEM:

  • developing a hierarchy of headings on the website
  • description strategy for meta title and meta description and ALT
  • planning the services structure in order to optimize the bounce rate
  • friendly url, i.e. making sure the link addresses are affable
  • analyzing competition’s visibility in Google
  • preparing service based on the subpage design and apartment cards in order to increase user engagement
  • thickening the number of key monitored words in the website’s content
  • daily up-date of key words monitoring
  • website traffic analysis with sources
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www programming based on modules:

  • main page search engine
  • 3D search engine
  • building, floor, apartment selection
  • interactive contact form
  • programming the CMS for content management
  • updates
  • interactive location
  • module about the investor
  • individualized apartment card under a unique link
  • form module within the apartment card, which allows instant identification of the premise the customer inquired about
  • GDPR website compliance
  • auto-response sent to every user who inquired via contact form
  • VR
  • why it’s worth it
  • statistics module
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  • uploading copy prepared based on the content marketing strategy and in accordance with SEO rules
  • filling in all the meta title descriptions and meta description as well as ALT
  • choosing and uploading photos and graphics
  • integrating apartment search engine with the investment websites
  • introducing VR on the website (virtual tours of the apartment)
  • uploading 3D views of the investment to the visual search engine
  • uploading 3D views of the apartments as interior design propositions
  • connecting with profiles on Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Google Business Card, LinkedIn)
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  • installation of the service on the appropriate server
  • DNS configuration and launching the website under the proper domain
  • adding and configuring analytical tools such as: Google Analytics, Google Tag manager, Pixel, Google Search Console, Yandex Metrica, Albarcos, Insight Tag
  • connecting the website to the CRM for client service management and filing of all GDPR agreements
  • securing the website with SSL protocol
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Testing and optimization:

  • conducting several speed tests in order to achieve the shortest loading time (below 3,8 seconds)
  • testing the website with tools such as pagespeed, testmysite, withgoogle, gtmetrix, webpagetest, seoptimeter and making necessary optimizations
  • testing the CMS for proper usability on website
  • testing the website on selected mobile devices
  • register the site with Google for indexation
  • user traffic analysis for further optimization of the website
  • training the client’s staff in: operating the website and CRM, Social Media and Digital Marketing
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Website servicing

  • current updates
  • adding current content
  • uploading banners
  • modifying the sliders, graphics and content
  • optimization according to changing briefs
  • user behavior analysis and making changes which improve conversion (UX and UI)
  • changing design and code in modules according to changing users’ preferences
  • reacting to dynamic „threats” such as blocking the IP spammers
  • informing about changes, which can increase effectiveness such as changing trends, search algorithms, etc.
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  • researching and selecting channels of communication (touchpoints)
  • creating a marketing plan
  • implementing plan based on chosen channels
  • analysis and servicing ad campaigns
  • Google business card management
  • visits in Sales Offices
  • Reports/Analyses/Insights based on which we modify and suggest new solutions and strategies and the above elements
  • Google Ads campaigns with constant optimization
  • Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn campaigns
  • managing the Social Media accounts
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Sales  – scope of works:

  • preparing the real estate for sales
  • developing a price list
  • analyzing competitor’s offers and actions
  • providing client service in the sales office
  • conducting sales activities in accordance with the marketing strategy
  • organizing Open House days, trade fairs and promotional events
  • preparing reports/analyses/insights
  • managing the entire documentation of the sales process: reservation contracts, notarial acts, locator changes, technical acceptances, transfers of ownership
  • dedicated real estate sales specialist and investment manager

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